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· 4 min read
Matej Jelluš

Tatiana likes to keep things tidy. Her toys are sorted from smallest to largest, her pencils are sorted from shortest to longest and her computers from oldest to newest. One day, when practicing her counting skills, she noticed that some integers, when written in base 10 with no leading zeroes, have their digits sorted in non-decreasing order. Some examples of this are 8, 123, 555, and 224488. She decided to call these numbers tidy. Numbers that do not have this property, like 20, 321, 495 and 999990, are not tidy.

She just finished counting all positive integers in ascending order from 1 to N. What was the last tidy number she counted?

· 5 min read
Matej Jelluš

Last year, the Infinite House of Pancakes introduced a new kind of pancake. It has a happy face made of chocolate chips on one side (the “happy side”), and nothing on the other side (the “blank side”).

You are the head cook on duty. The pancakes are cooked in a single row over a hot surface. As part of its infinite efforts to maximize efficiency, the House has recently given you an oversized pancake flipper that flips exactly K consecutive pancakes. That is, in that range of K pancakes, it changes every happy-side pancake to a blank-side pancake, and vice versa; it does not change the left-to-right order of those pancakes.

You cannot flip fewer than K pancakes at a time with the flipper, even at the ends of the row (since there are raised borders on both sides of the cooking surface). For example, you can flip the first K pancakes, but not the first K – 1 pancakes.

Your apprentice cook, who is still learning the job, just used the old-fashioned single-pancake flipper to flip some individual pancakes and then ran to the restroom with it, right before the time when customers come to visit the kitchen. You only have the oversized pancake flipper left, and you need to use it quickly to leave all the cooking pancakes happy side up, so that the customers leave feeling happy with their visit.

Given the current state of the pancakes, calculate the minimum number of uses of the oversized pancake flipper needed to leave all pancakes happy side up, or state that there is no way to do it.