Build Node, Typescript and GraphQL server from scratch

typescript graphql node express github

A brief tutorial how to create a Node, TypeScript and GraphQL server from scratch with MySQL database. The ouput is a very basic GraphQL server, which you can run, send a simple query to it and get a response. The whole project is available on GitHub.

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Publish NPM package with GitHub Actions

javascript npm github

On couple of my projects, I started using GitHub Actions. I also wanted to use it for pentest-tool-lite, where I want to run TypeScript lint after each push and publish it to npm after release is created. I had some problems which I recently solved, so I am sharing my solution.

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My StartUp Experiences


Currently I have one full time job and in my free time I am working on two StartUps. One of them is based in US and the second one is in Slovakia. Both are the same size (3 - 5 people), main project is a web application, but the approach is different.

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Chesterton's fence

Couple of weeks ago I came across to this interesting rule and it is worth to think about it more deeply.

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How to install XDebug on MacOS (XAMPP)


When you want to create codecoverage report with phpunit, you need to have XDebug installed otherwise you get just error "No code coverage driver is available". I successfully installed it on Windows but I had lot of issues installing it on MacOS.

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