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Hi! I am Juff,

IT enthusiast that loves to write code, try new things and share knowledge. And if I am not sitting in front of computer? Then you can find me playing badminton 🏸 , riding my bike 🚴  or hiking 🥾 ⛰️ . And I am working in Kontentino with great people!

I started coding when I was 13. Writing basic macros in VBA led to my neverending curiosity about software development. I went through languages like Basic, C/C++ (and Assembly language), Java, PHP and lastly JavaScript / Typescript. It is sad 😔  that I don't have access to my old codes although the code would not be good. I built my own Excel (with very limited funcitonality), program which was in shape of a heart ❤️ , "virus" which deleted everything from desktop or utility which allowed user to have virtual desktops on old Windows.

Time spent with programming was a huge chunk of my youth, but I must admit I am also active person. I enjoy cold weather, beautiful nature and traveling. When the temperature drops below zero 🥶  I like to go and sleep 💤  outside. And for a very long time I wanted to visit Norway 🇳🇴  and see Matterhorn in Switzerland 🇨🇭 .

But most of all I love being surrounded by my best friends and good people! And because they like exactly the same things like me 😀  we spend time together having fun in mountains.

And these days? Trying to spend less time with actual coding and focus more on the team, goals and how to improve overall performance. During the night I am learning Kubernetes and testing queues in NodeJS 🤭 .