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Node Version Manager and failing certificate verification

· One min read
Matej Jelluš

In my current job, we have some kind of network settings ( or better proxy settings ) that from time to time cause problems with certificate verification.

nvm ls-remote

I used nvm to install node and npm on my computer. Few days ago I needed to change my node version to newer one. It is very easy with nvm, you just list all versions and choose which one you want. So I typed…

$ nvm ls-remote

This command should list all available versions of node. But all I got was :


The problem in this case is with certificate verification. Nvm doesn’t have any option to disable this, but when you read the docs carefully, there is option to set $NVM_NODEJS_ORG_MIRROR variable. So you can do the following :


And now everything works, because there is no need to check certificate when it is only http. The nvm ls-remote command outputs :

v8.9.0 (Latest LTS: Carbon)

And then you can install any version you want :

$ nvm install <version>


GitHub – nvm

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