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How to use git bisect

· 5 min read
Matej Jelluš

You know something worked properly a few days ago and now it is broken? Or maybe there is a new feature and you don’t know when it was added and what was changed? You can use this command and search in history of git. It is easy and fast.

This will be very short post. I haven’t use this command before and nowadays I was reading something about git where this command was used. I do not consider myself as an expert in git. There are still many features I am not using or I don’t know about. So I googled it…

Commit that introduced a bug

The first result on google is the git docs page, where you can read :

git-bisect – Use binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug

What does this mean? I use simple example but it can be extended and used to search any change in the source code ( not only bugs ). So to demonstrate it, I create a bash script and commit after each line.

Initialize git repo

cd ~/Documents
mkdir bisecttest
cd bisecttest

chmod +x

git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"

Good and working part

Open the file in your favorite editor and add these lines :

echo "1 : ok"

And commit. ( git add . && git commit -m "number 1 commit" ). Append new line echo "2 : ok" and commit again. Repeat this 3 times. You end up with this :

echo "1 : ok" # number 1 commit
echo "2 : ok" # number 2 commit
echo "3 : ok" # number 3 commit
echo "4 : ok" # number 4 commit
echo "5 : ok" # number 5 commit

Run the script and it should write numbers from 1 to 5 on the screen.

Bad and not working part

Now, create the error ( buggy ) part somewhere in around the middle of the script, lets say between echo "3 : ok" and echo "4 : ok". In the script it means, exit with an error code number. E.g.:

echo "3 : ok"
exit 1
echo "4 : ok"

In real world you know this would screw up the whole thing, but now you are happy to commit new line ( git add . && git commit -m "error commit" ).

Again some good part

You added bug and haven’t test the whole app. You continue like everything is working properly.

echo "6 : ok" # number 6 commit
echo "7 : ok" # number 7 commit
echo "8 : ok" # number 8 commit

Now you realize something is wrong

You run the script, it should write numbers from 1 to 8 on the output, but stops on the number 3. Why? Where did I ( or whoever ) make a mistake? You can try and search in code or use git bisect!

You know it was working 5 – 6 commits ago and now it is not ( this is very important ). You run command :

git bisect start

Git switch itself into a “debug mode”. Mark current version as bad :

git bisect bad

Checkout working commit / tag and mark it as good ( 6 commits ago is number 3 commit ) :

git checkout HEAD~6

git bisect good

Now, git knows which version is bad, where in history it was good and begin to search. How? It automatically ( after you enter one bad and one good commit ) checkouts a commit in the middle of that range of history. You run the script and see if it is good or bad.


This is easy, but remember, it can be whatever. If it is a webpage, reload it and check if the bug is still there. If it is an Android app, compile it, install and try it.

After you typed that command, git jumped in the middle of this commit and the first good commit. Therefore the position is on error commit. In that commit we introduced the bug which means it is a bad one.

git bisect bad

There remains only one commit to check – number 5 commit – that is good.

git bisect good

Now, it is obvious that the error occurred in error commit. Git shows message like this :

bf9422a7dcc52bf84773ee4c3e22775750009294 is the first bad commit
commit bf9422a7dcc52bf84773ee4c3e22775750009294
Author: Matej Jellus <>
Date: Thu May 12 23:20:45 2016 +0200

error commit

:100755 100755 6477afa22ed745e211df5a9d575f674ed890472f 5588800457f0a7778fc3c4892fec7fba62ef1b46 M

...and the search is over. If you are curious what exactly it was type git show <commit hash>

commit bf9422a7dcc52bf84773ee4c3e22775750009294
Author: Matej Jellus <>
Date: Fri May 13 09:16:20 2016 +0200

error commit

diff --git a/ b/
index 6477afa..5588800 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -2,5 +2,7 @@
echo "1 : ok"
echo "2 : ok"
echo "3 : ok"
+exit 1
echo "4 : ok"
echo "5 : ok"

To return back to original HEAD and end the debug mode type git bisect reset.

Automatically test and find bad commit

If you are able to write a test for your search you can speed this operations up. This example servers as a test at the same time.

git bisect start
# mark current commit as bad
git bisect bad
# go to history and checkout commit that is good
git checkout HEAD~6
# mark it as good
git bisect good
# and now let the git test it for you...
git bisect run ./

Did you like this post? Was it helpful? I am always learning and trying new technologies. When I struggle with something and finally manage to solve it, I share my experience.