How to install XDebug on MacOS (XAMPP)


When you want to create codecoverage report with phpunit, you need to have XDebug installed otherwise you get just error "No code coverage driver is available". I successfully installed it on Windows but I had lot of issues installing it on MacOS.


  • check lot of websites and see that there is still new and new issue
  • prepare everything
  • clone xdebug project
  • build xdebug
  • install
  • enable xdebug module

Prepare everything

MacOS has php installed with xcode, but I needed to use newer version I am already using with XAMPP. So I just created a link to XAMPP version:

sudo ln /Applications/XAMPP/bin/php /usr/local/bin/php

In XDebug readme is, that you need to use phpize. After I linked that one, it had another problem - "fatal error: 'php.h' file not found". To solve also this problem, you have to link php-config either.

sudo ln /Applications/XAMPP/bin/phpize /usr/local/bin/phpize

sudo ln /Applications/XAMPP/bin/php-config /usr/local/bin/php-config

Clone XDebug project

You need to clone the source code, so that you are able to build it:

git clone git://

Build XDebug and install it


make clean


make install

Enable XDebug module

The last step is to add zend_extension="" in the end of php.ini file. If you do not know where this file is located, just run php --ini.


Marco 07.07.2019 11:35

Hi! After phpize please add ./configure command!
Thanks for the guide!

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