Two screwed up days

Little story about my two hard and nervous days. Problems with NPM, fighting with Node and Linux, reading about Yarn. Wrote it down while sitting in front of the computer and thinking about nothing and everything at the same time, i.e. relaxing.

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Eight queens problem

Algorithms Go

If you know what is Bactracking, you sure know about Eight Queens problem – how to place eight queens on an 8×8 chessboard. I found nice solution using bitwise operations which counts all solutions for any given size.

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Two WordPress sites with the same database

php WordPress

When you try to use two ( or more ) WordPress sites with one shared database, you will have problem to access the pages except the original one. WordPress knows what should be its URL and when it does not match with the request, it redirects you. Fortunately, there is an easy “hack” for this to make it work.

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How to use git bisect


You know something worked properly a few days ago and now it is broken? Or maybe there is a new feature and you don’t know when it was added and what was changed? You can use this command and search in history of git. It is easy and fast.

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Backbone.js and cross domain API

I am playing a little bit with PHP micro framework Slim and javascript Backbone.js. Therefor I created two separate projects with URLs : for front-end ( Backbone.js ) and for back-end ( Slim ). The problem occurred nearly immediately : Cross-Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ).

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