How Yarn resolutions can save you

Have you ever heard about yarn resolutions? It is not something you would use everyday, but it is definitely useful.

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React and setState method

JavaScript React

The first thing you read about setState - it is asynchronous. I understand it but still did not realize a couple of things.

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The Open Source problem

It was a great idea to use git and create portal like GitHub and share source code among other developers. One of the benefits is, you do not need to reinvent the wheel and just use package you need. And because lot of users will add it to their projects, it gets well tested. But I can see there a big problem: maintenance.

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How to change your last commit


You commited something and right after that you saw you forgot to remove log or add another file? Or you just want to extend your message? It is not necessary to revert the commit everytime.

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Please, do not install every shit


I am working on React app with couple of other developers. And you know it, you need this component, that functionality, etc. so you google it, install the package and the work is done. Is it ok to work like this? Do you even know what exactly you added to your project and do you really need it?

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