Build Node, Typescript and GraphQL server from scratch

typescript graphql node express github

A brief tutorial how to create a Node, TypeScript and GraphQL server from scratch with MySQL database. The ouput is a very basic GraphQL server, which you can run, send a simple query to it and get a response. The whole project is available on GitHub.

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Publish NPM package with GitHub Actions

javascript npm github

On couple of my projects, I started using GitHub Actions. I also wanted to use it for pentest-tool-lite, where I want to run TypeScript lint after each push and publish it to npm after release is created. I had some problems which I recently solved, so I am sharing my solution.

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Javascript, the weirdo


Collection of JavaScript examples when it behaves...weird? Funny?

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How Yarn resolutions can save you

Have you ever heard about yarn resolutions? It is not something you would use everyday, but it is definitely useful.

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React and setState method

javascript react

The first thing you read about setState - it is asynchronous. I understand it but still did not realize a couple of things.

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