Work experiences

Eset s.r.o. webdeveloper

  • internal web applications, company webs administration
  • PHP, Slim, FatFree, WordPress, Laravel Eloquent
  • jQuery UI | Widget Factory, CSS Bootstrap | PureCSS
  • Jenkins, deploy scripts - test, production, syntax check, running tests, creating | tagging new versions
  • java application, communication with MSSQL and Windows Auth, Google Gson, Adobe Cloud APIs a.s. webdeveloper

  • programming new functionalities, maintenance of the original, several projects dependency
  • NoSQL database Elastic Search, creating mappings and queries
  • new, internal, composer packages, PHPUnit testing
  • wider acquaintance with Google Analytics and its possibilities

Lumir-Real s.r.o. webdeveloper

  • web application in PHP framework Nette
  • developing REST interface for mobile applications, JSON, PHP
  • get familiar with Symfony framework and Doctrine ORM

TSS Group a.s. programmer

  • develop configurating software for GPS units, communication via serial port, java
  • TCP/IP server to communicate with GPS units, multithreading, java
  • CAN bus reader, serial port, Visual Basic
  • Android application for displaying GPS positions on Google maps, communication with server via http REST interface, XML, java
  • data files parser, multithreading, communication with database, handling Linux kill signals, java
  • working with databases MySQL and PostgreSQL, inheritance, triggers, rules, programming new functions

Side projects

DiagramArt programmer

New platform, where you can store and search diagrams. Worked mostly with Android application which was created from scratch, until its release to Google Play. Contributed also by creating external packages / plugins.

  • Android application, Gradle, Fresco for displaying images, BottomBar for navigation and FragNav for fragment organization, SQLite, Repository pattern
  • React, Flux, webpack, ES6, Babel
  • unit tests, jest, enzyme, sinon

Commander Systems s.r.o. webdeveloper

Building new version of web interface for clients. The app is showing real time data about vehicles on a map with lot of other informations. Some changes were required also on the backend side - chat, data synchronization.

  • React, Flux, webpack, ES6, Babel
  • Middleware server in Node.js and Express with JWT auth
  • unit tests, mocha, sinon, chai, supertest
  • client & server for internal chat

Muvity s.r.o. co-founder & developer

Co-Founder of new real estate platform Responsible for DevOps, backend side and administration. Mostly working with PHP & Slim. Administration part is in React + Relay with GraphQL on the backend.

  • whole new realestate website created from scratch
  • Slim PHP, Eloquent, Phinx, Hybridauth, GraphQL, MySql
  • Jenkins, dev / prod builds, database migrations, overall setup

What I am working / worked with

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  • slimphp logo
  • phalconphp logo
  • javascript logo
  • backbone logo
  • jquery logo
  • java logo
  • composer logo
  • webpack logo
  • grunt logo
  • github logo
  • mysql logo
  • postgresql logo
  • jwt logo
  • react logo
  • flux logo
  • elasticsearch logo
  • git logo
  • gitlab logo
  • terminal logo
  • jenkins logo
  • golang logo
  • atom logo
  • netbeans logo
  • pdepend logo
  • phpmessdetector logo
  • apache logo
  • laravel logo
  • npm logo
  • bower logo
  • android logo
  • node js logo
  • socket io logo
  • yarn logo
  • mocha js logo
  • sequelize logo
  • chai js logo
  • graphql logo
  • babel logo
  • sqlite logo
  • gulp logo