Hi! I am Juff,

IT enthusiast that loves to write code and trying new things. Currently working in Bratislava as CTO in Kontentino.

I started coding when I was 13. Writing basic macros in VBA led to my neverending curiosity about software development. I went throug languages like Basic, C/C++, Java and PHP and these days it is JavaScript / Typescript.

During my work in Eset I had to pay more attention to security. Every our public site went through penetration testing and I just got notes what to change without knowing the background. I started to learn more about those channges and wrote a little tool, Pentest Tool LITE, that is able to check basic vulnerabilities.

Once I read about a new technology called GraphQL developed by Facebook. I wanted to know more and to try it. It was really difficult to make it run - not the basic "Hello World" project, but something meaningfull with database, etc. And this was the moment when I created Express GraphQL example project. I wanted to help anybody else writing his / her first project and save some time. And one year later I did the same but in PHP, Slim GraphQL example. So I knew how to build the backend part in both of my most used languages, but didn't actually consume the API on the frontend. Therefore another poject was created and it is React Relay example.